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Invicta Wood Burning Stoves

Blending the fines of art and aesthetics, Invicta has been designing a unique collection of fuel-efficient wood burning stoves since its inception in 2008. Debuted (in UK market) around mid June, Invictas benchmarking stoves reflect trend, technology, and tradition in the highest degree. Ensuring optimum fuel efficacy, Invicta Wood Burning Stoves are offered in output ranging from 10Kw to18Kw to suit customers requirements.

Design & Construction
Characteristically made in France, Invicta Wood Burning Stoves feature clean lines and large windows adding a dash of sophistication to your interiors. Promising an engendering ambience filled with primal pleasure, Invicta Wood Burning Stoves suit all kinds of room settings. With shifting flames and impressive heat transmission up to large distances, Invicta Wood Burning Stoves is available in standard anthracite black colour enamel. Crafted in cast iron, Invicta Wood Burning Stoves offers strength that can easily withstand rugged usage.

Quality Stoves: Official Dealer of Invicta Wood Burning Stoves
As an official dealer of Invicta Wood Burning Stoves, Quality Stoves stands firm in this market for over 35 years. Quality Stoves is a well-known webstore that can be looked purchasing Invicta Wood Burning Stoves along with free installation services. WITH ALL INVICTA STOVES YOU WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING FREE ITEMS TO VIEW THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW:

Free with our stoves Free flue pipe Free heat resistant gloves Free register plate Free fire cement

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    Product Name   Price 
Invicta Altea Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Altea Wood Burning Stove  989.00
Invicta Antaya Woodburning Stove  Invicta Antaya Woodburning Stove  1,844.00
Invicta Argos Woodburning Stove  Invicta Argos Woodburning Stove  1,595.00
Invicta Ashford Woodburning Stove  Invicta Ashford Woodburning Stove  1,079.00
Invicta Boheme 14 Woodburning Stove  Invicta Boheme 14 Woodburning Stove  3,839.00
Invicta Bradford Woodburning Stove  Invicta Bradford Woodburning Stove  1,159.00
Invicta Caralo Woodburning Stove  Invicta Caralo Woodburning Stove  750.00
Invicta Cassine Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Cassine Wood Burning Stove  989.00
Invicta Ch'ti Poele Woodburning Stove  Invicta Ch'ti Poele Woodburning Stove  1,039.00
Invicta Chamane Woodburning Stove  Invicta Chamane Woodburning Stove  1,190.00
Invicta Chambord Woodburning Stove  Invicta Chambord Woodburning Stove  760.00
Invicta Chatel Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Chatel Wood Burning Stove  809.00
Invicta Chaumont Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Chaumont Wood Burning Stove  999.00
Invicta Gaya Ardoise Woodburning Stove  Invicta Gaya Ardoise Woodburning Stove  2,079.00
Invicta Gaya Feuille Woodburning Stove  Invicta Gaya Feuille Woodburning Stove  2,079.00
Invicta Gaya Woodburning Stove  Invicta Gaya Woodburning Stove  2,079.00
Invicta Gomont Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Gomont Wood Burning Stove  1,099.00
Invicta Ilot Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Ilot Wood Burning Stove  2,499.00
Invicta Itaya Woodburning Stove  Invicta Itaya Woodburning Stove  1,599.00
Invicta La Borne Woodburning Stove  Invicta La Borne Woodburning Stove  745.00
Invicta La Royale Cooker  Invicta La Royale Cooker  2,499.00
Invicta Luna Woodburning Stove  Invicta Luna Woodburning Stove  1,231.00
Invicta Mandor Woodburning Stove  Invicta Mandor Woodburning Stove  1,299.00
Invicta Mesnil Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Mesnil Wood Burning Stove  720.00
Invicta Moai Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Moai Wood Burning Stove  2,079.00
Invicta Mondena Woodburning Stove  Invicta Mondena Woodburning Stove  1,259.00
Invicta Nelson Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Nelson Wood Burning Stove  1,665.00
Invicta Odyssee Woodburning Stove  Invicta Odyssee Woodburning Stove  1,599.00
Invicta Onyx Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Onyx Wood Burning Stove  2,499.00
Invicta Oracle Woodburning Stove  Invicta Oracle Woodburning Stove  1,119.00
Invicta Oriya Woodburning Stove  Invicta Oriya Woodburning Stove  1,999.00
Invicta Oxo Woodburning Stove  Invicta Oxo Woodburning Stove  1,019.00
Invicta Pharos Woodburning Stove  Invicta Pharos Woodburning Stove  1,699.00
Invicta Pow Wow Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Pow Wow Wood Burning Stove  1,999.00
Invicta Preston Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Preston Wood Burning Stove  1,499.00
Invicta Regent Woodburning Stove  Invicta Regent Woodburning Stove  1,105.00
Invicta Roche Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Roche Wood Burning Stove  2,782.00
Invicta Samara Wood Burning Stove  Invicta Samara Wood Burning Stove  799.00
Invicta Seden 10 Woodburning Stove  Invicta Seden 10 Woodburning Stove  950.00
Invicta Seden 15 Woodburning Stove  Invicta Seden 15 Woodburning Stove  1,199.00
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 46 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]